Ask the Experts: One Cut, Ten Ways

After seasons of long, wavy locks ruling runways and red carpets, short hair has staged a major comeback--and we all know why, don't we? We'll give you two hints: Her name begins with an "R" and she's so hard, yeah-yeah-yeah she's so hard. That's right, Rihanna's haircut--short on the sides, long on top--is the hottest look on the planet right now. The best part? Even though the dimensions of the cut are specific, there are a zillion different ways to wear it, from curls to spikes to flapper waves! Here, we asked the genius behind Rihanna's trendsetting style, celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen, to give us tips on ten different ways to rock this trendy 'do.
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 08, 2011

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Rihanna started the long-on-top, short-on-the-sides trend! Here we asked her hairstylist, Ursula Stephen (the originator of the look!), to give us tips on several ways to rock this ’do.

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“Apply Motions Wrap Lotion to wet hair and wrap,” says Stephen. “When dry, comb out and flatiron small sections up and away from the scalp. Finger-style with Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade.” A cinch!

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To create Selita’s sleek swoop across the forehead, Stephen says to “flatiron the entire head, and brush hair in the direction of the swoop. Apply Motions Light Hold Spritz to keep it in place!”

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Toccara pumps up the volume with this high-style, modified pompadour. To achieve this look, flatiron sections upwards from the scalp, and curve over to one side at the ends.

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Eva Marcille gives the cut a casual chic spin by wearing rumpled, wash-and-go waves. “The cut is great for all face shapes,” says Stephen. “It can be tailored to compliment anyone!”

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According to Stephen, the trick to creating this piecey bang is to finger-style using Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade. “Keep adding more pomade for more texture!” she says.

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To achieve high-volume ringlets, “apply Motions Light Styling Foam and wrap small sections of hair around a small curling iron,” she says. “When done, smooth separate curls with Motions Shine Pomade.”

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To get flapper waves, create a deep side part and comb Motions Foam Wrap Lotion through wet hair. Secure a large clip two inches down from the part, and another two inches from the first. Dry and finger-style.

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Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard gave her look a major update when she nixed her Danity Kane weave in favor of this cute crop.

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Regina King’s tousled bangs are so cute. “Try rocking this cut every way you can,” says Stephen. “Whether it’s tousled, straight, in a pompadour, flat to the head or bouncy, just have fun!”

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