Ask the Experts: Kimora Lee Simmons' Beauty Tips for On-the-Go Moms

Kimora Lee Simmons is a busy lady. Forget her professional responsibilities as president of Phat Fashions, a bestselling author, and star of her own reality show, "Life & Style"--her biggest priority is her family. As the mother of daughters Aoki Lee and Ming Lee Simmons, and son Kenzo Lee Hounsou (with her love, actor Djimon Hounsou), you'd think she wouldn't have a second to pamper herself--but, like every other dedicated diva, she makes time. Here, the multi-tasking mogul gives us tips on juggling a crazy career, family, and fabulosity.
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 21, 2009

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Mogul mom Kimora Lee Simmons values her time with daughters Aoki Lee and Ming Lee above all else—and she’s found a way to marry work and family by casting her beyond-gorgeous girls as the faces of Baby Phat Girlz Clothing.

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“Most moms don’t get to pamper themselves every day,” says Simmons, rocking an easy, natural makeup look, here. “As a mom of three and the president of a multi-million dollar business, what works for me is setting aside a specific time of day to cater to myself.”

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Many working moms can get stuck in a style rut, repeating the same hair and makeup look over and over. Simmons likes to add variety to her look by rocking long bangs. Try Sleek Finish Clip-On Bangs ($22.95).

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On over-scheduled days, you never know when you’ll have a chance to freshen up your look. Kimora stays prepared by stocking her purse with “lip gloss, my favorite fragrance, facial wipes and a moisturizer. You always want to be camera-ready!”

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Over-worked and over-stressed? Liven up your look with a major makeover a’la Kimora, who went blonde back in 2005.

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Whether it’s about meditating for two minutes or finally booking that Caribbean vacay, Simmons maintains that the key to staying balanced is remembering to pamper yourself. “When the time permits, I love indulging in spa treatments,” she says, shown here snuggling with her dearly departed Pomeranian, Zoe.

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Kimora loves lipgloss, luscious hair, and Louboutins as much as the next girly-girl, but nothing’s more important than her family. “Above all things, I put my children’s needs before mine,” she says, shown here working the Spring 2010 Baby Phat runway with her newborn son, Kenzo. “It’s a sacrifice I love making every day.”

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Between her jet-setting business schedule and mommy duties, Simmons doesn’t always have time to apply a full face of makeup before dashing out of the door. “Moisturizer and lip gloss can work wonders when you’re in a rush,” she says. Try KLS Beauty Island Fruit Punch Goddess Gloss ($9.99).

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No matter what’s on her daily agenda, Kimora Lee Simmons always makes time for her longtime partner, Oscar-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou.

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Simmons relies on water to keep her skin looking so radiant and luminous. “I pride myself on drinking tons of water and other healthy beverages,” she says. “Nourishing your interior helps maintain a beautiful exterior.”