Ask the Experts: Johnnie Wright's Tips for Rocking a Bob

Not only is the bob one of the most timeless, classic haircuts of all time, it's also one of the most versatile! With all the different shapes and incarnations of the style (think: bangs, waves, layers, shaggy pieces), virtually every woman in the world can rock a bob. We chatted with Johnnie Wright, artistic style director for Softsheen Carson and Michelle Obama's hairstylist, about the changing face of the bob--and how to make yours look it's brilliant best.
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 20, 2010

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“The bob has always been very versatile,” says celeb hairstylist Johnnie Wright. “Whether it’s A-line, asymmetrical, short or long, it never feels dated.”

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“A side-swooping bang is a nice addition if you want to cover your forehead, but you’re not ready for a blunt bang.”

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Keri Hilson’s flawlessly cut and styled, platinum blonde bob is one of the prettiest styles we’ve seen in ages.

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“Ask your stylist for a razor cut to add texture to your bob. This gives the style a messier look. Bobs don’t always have to be so structured.”

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Rihanna’s hairstyle seems to change every other week, but we’re partial to this slightly grown-out, irregularly wavy bob.

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Michelle Obama’s smooth, sleek bob—created by Johnnie Wright—perfectly suits her day-to-night lifestyle.

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“A bob should be shorter in the back and longer in the front. It’s about the shape more than the length, as Nicki Minaj proves with her long front pieces.”

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Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard sports a classic, 1920s-style Louise Brooks bob.

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“To give your bob more body and movement, add Roots of Nature Healing Thickening Cream ($6, to damp roots before blowing dry.”

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“A lot of women feel more comfortable with bangs. The China bob look is always a great choice, with the heavy, blunt cut bang.”

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“Rinse hair with cool water to seal the cuticle and add shine to your bob. Top off your look with Softsheen Carson Optimum Care Mineral Oil-Free Sheen Spray ($6.50,”

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Santigold’s tousled bangs add a chic easiness to her structured bob.

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“There are three components to a great bob: cut, style, and color. Color is a fabulous enhancement to a sleek, A-line bob.”

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“Bobs can be customized to flatter every face shape. Experiment with your style by creating a deep middle part.”


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