Ask The Experts: How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Day Hairstyle

It's a good wedding day if your gown fits you like a glove. It's an even better day if the sky is cloudless for miles. But the absolute best wedding scenario is the one where your hair is flawless. With all the choices out there, though, searching for that perfect hairstyle can be harder than it was getting your man! We enlisted Nelson Vercher, celebrity stylist who has graced the pages of top magazines and worked runway styles from big fashion houses (think Valentino and Calvin Klein) to explain how to choose a fabulous big day 'do, based on four categories: hair type, face shape, veil length and climate.

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SHORT: "With a short veil, you want to show off your neck, so I'd suggest tucking long hair underneath and pinning at the nape of the neck to create the illusion of a bob. Or, if you're opening to a new look, actually hit the salon for a new, shorter 'do!"

MEDIUM: "Goddess-y princess waves look so pretty with a veil that hits the shoulders or the middle of the back. To get the look, wrap small sections of your hair around the barrrell of a curling iron, and finish with a spritz of light hold hairspray." We like Isoplus Oil Sheen Hairspray ($3.50).

LONG: "If you're wearing a long, floor-sweeping veil, your hair shouldn't be the focus. To allow your veil to shine, slick your hair back into a tight, low bun. It's a very low-maintenance, classically chic look."

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HEART: "If you have a broad forehead and a narrow chin, go for a loose, pretty side bun. This style is very trendy for brides right now, and it perfectly balances out the bottom half of a heart-shaped face."

CIRCLE: "On round faces, I love hair that's full of body and volume (flat, straight hair only accentuates the roundness). Set hair with velcro rollers, quickly blast with a blowdryer, and then let cool. After about twenty minutes, release the rollers and fingers-style hair."

SQUARE: "Soften your angles by piling your hair into a soft bun on top of your head, and let a few soft, face-framing tendrils escape. So romantic."

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SPRING/SUMMER: "The hotter the weather, the more you sweat...and the frizzier your hair gets. Don't fight your natural texture! Go curly, coily or kinky, and you won't be worried about controlling frizz all day long."

WINTER: "Take advantage of the dry, non-frizz-inducing weather and wear your hair down. Cascading, 1940s-style waves always look beautiful against a snowy backdrop."

FALL: "It can be windy in autumn, so it's important to wear a very structured style (you don't want to worry about your hair flying around). Sweep it back in a sleek low ponytail--and for extra length, add a fall."

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TRANSITIONING: "My favorite wedding day look for curly hair is half-up, half-down. That way, your hair is off your face, but you can also see your beautiful texture in the back."

RELAXED: "I like to tease relaxed hair a bit at the crown for a glamorous, 1960s-style bouffant. Simply lift a section of hair at the crown straight up, and backcomb right at the roots. Then, gently smooth down the top with a brush."

NATURAL: "Whether it's close to your head or full, an afro is already a style! Dress it up for your big day by wearing a beautiful hair pin, or a crystal headband."


# Relaxed


# Relaxed