Ask The Experts: How To Find The Best Hairstylist

All hairstylists are not created equal. You know the story: Your favorite girl is great with styling, but she never recommends great products to use at home. Or, your other go-to lady is great with trimming, but isn’t creative and hardly offers new and interesting styles to try. To help us navigate the crazy world of natural hair stylists, we chatted with Melody McCloskey who is the CEO of StyleSeat, a new site that helps women pinpoint hairstylists around the country. Not only is she offering the best tips on selecting a great stylist, but she also researched stylists who cater to natural and transitioning ladies.

Click here to for natural stylists, and here for stylists who are great with transitioners. And, of course, read on to discover which beautician is best for you.

Deena Campbell May, 12, 2014