Ask the Experts: How to Fight Frizz

It's almost time for this year's ESSENCE Music Festival! We're beyond excited, but we're also a little concerned about the New Orleans humidity whipping our hair into a frizzy, frazzled frenzy. Here, Nedjetti of New Jersey's Nedjetti Salon shares product and hairstyle suggestions to help keep your tresses looking fresh, healthy, and frizz-free--all weekend long!
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 18, 2010

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Here, Nedjetti of New Jersey’s Nedjetti Salon shares product and hairstyle suggestions (like easy Pocahontas braids, left) to help keep your tresses frizz-free at ESSENCE Music Festival!

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“Humidity causes natural hair cuticles to expand,” says Nedjetti. “If you want a bit more control, pin up the sides with bobby pins, leaving out a section in the front and back.”

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According to Nedjetti, the best frizz-fighter for natural hair is Smooth’n Shine Polishing Gellation ($3.99, “Apply to wet hair for defined, smooth curls,” she says.

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Keep your hair off your face and neck by sweeping it back in two thick cornrows, a’la Nia Long. A sexy way to beat the heat!

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To keep natural curls from tightening, apply Tresemme Bouncy Curls Gel ($4, to wet hair. “Your curls will be so elongated and glossy,” she says, “it’ll look like you’ve had a texturizer!”

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“If you wear relaxed hair loose and down in the humidity, it’s more susceptible to frizz,” says Nedjetti. “Make your blowout last longer by keeping it contained in a sleek pony.”

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“If you wear your hair straight, Razac Perfect for Perms Polishing Gloss ($6.99, helps seal the cuticle and protects moisture from getting in. I love this product!”

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“An easy updo is also a great option in humid weather,” she says. “It’ll keep your neck cool, while also giving you a structured style that’s virtually frizz-proof.”

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In sticky weather, Nedjetti recommends piling relaxed hair ontop of your head in a messy-chic bun. Set the look with a spritz of Kiehls Climate Proof Shine Enhancing Spray ($16,

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To keep relaxed hair sleek, Nedjetti recommends keeping a shine serum in your bag for touchups. “Run a bit between hands and apply over ends,” she says. Try Ojon Shine Serum ($25,

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A great humidity-proof style option for natural hair is to rock cornrows in the front. “It keeps your hair off your face,” says Nedjetti “but you still have fabulous texture in the back!”

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Nedjetti recommends blowing out hair with Paul Mitchell Express Styler Quick Slip ($11, “Apply this frizz-fighter through damp hair before blowdrying, and again when its dry.”


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