Ask The Experts: Haircolor Secrets

Ask The Experts: Haircolor Secrets
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 12, 2011

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“Be sure to take care of your color by using a silk scarf at night before bed. A satin pillow case works as well.” (Susan Daniels Nude Floral Silks Scarf, $44,

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“Ultraviolet radiation, in the form of everyday sunlight, will fade your hair color enormously. Always wear a hat or keep your head covered!”

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“Do a steam treatment or an overnight plastic cap treatment to keep your color looking healthy and glossy.” (L’Oreal EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment, $6,

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“Before trying at-home haircoloring, do your research on hair color and skin tones. Clairol Professional’s skin color chart recommendations really help!”

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“When applying your own haircolor at home with store-bought color, always go one to two shades lighter — nothing drastic or too dramatic.”

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“Be sure to give your hair deep conditioning treatments two weeks leading up to the coloring process.” (try Hair Rules Curly Quench Conditioner, $24,

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“Make sure you use gloves so color won’t stain your hands. It seems like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how many women skip this step!” (available at

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“Always spot-check the color after applying to prevent blotchy areas and to make sure that your color is evenly distributed all over.”

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“If you want to keep things natural, henna’s a great idea for doing a color deposit, meaning you’re going from light to darker.” (Henna Persian in Light Brown, $7,

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“My favorite at-home haircolor is Clairol Professional Jazzing collection — there are no steps, you just simply apply, sit under the dryer, and style.” ($4.59 each,

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“When relaxing, you can only use semi-permanent color like Clairol Professional Beautiful collection, which leaves hair so soft. Nothing permanent with peroxide!” ($4.99 each, drugstores)

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“Bright, glossy colors needs to be nourished! Make sure you condition your hair bi-weekly with a hydrating/repairing mask.” (Carols’ Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask, $29,

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“If you’re olive-skinned, try a warm shade. If you’re fair like Alicia Keys, try darker colors. If you’re dark, try warmer tones like caramel, reddish-coppers or blonde (like model Ajak).”

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“For root touch-ups, I love Clairol Professional Beautiful Moisturizing Color. It refreshes color after a chemical treatment and adds up to 45% more shine.” ($4.99,

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“Give your color a little pizazz with Clairol Professional Jazzing in Clear Shine. This gloss treatment adds radiance and keeps your color looking fresh for longer.” ($4.59,


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