Ask the Experts: Blowout Maintenance

If you're serious about your weekly blowouts, you're also serious about extending the life of your straight style as long as you can. Here, Edris Nicholls of New York City's Edris Salon gives us tips on how to keep your blowout looking fresh and shiny for days on end. In the meantime, check out these impossibly glossy celeb blowouts for inspiration!
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 09, 2009

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“One of the benefits of black hair is not having to wash it every day,” says Nicholls, “but it’s still vital to maintain a consistent haircare regimen.”

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Kimora Lee Simmons deep center part adds a dose of drama to her pristine blowout.

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Glossify your blowout by brushing or combing your hair every night. This “distributes the oils in your hair from roots to ends, adding a natural shine,” says Nicholls.

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Jennifer Hudson’s simple, stick-straight blowout looks totally healthy.

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“Before you shampoo, massage dry shampoo into your scalp,” says Nicholls. “This helps prevent the oiliness and dandruff that can ruin a blowout.”

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To maintain a bouncy blowout, apply Shu Uemura Essence Absolue ($65, through your hair before wrapping it at night," says Nicholls."

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Vanessa Simmons’ bouncy blowout falls perfectly into voluminous layers.

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After flat-ironing, apply a dollop of Davines Defining Invisible Hair Spray ($23,, says Nicholls. “It gives control and a lovely scent—which is great if you workout, too.”

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“The right tools can keep your look fresh,” says Nicholls. “Using a great flatiron can prolong the sleekness of your style for at least five days.”

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Tucked behind an ear, supermodel Arlenis Sosa’s extra-long, flat-ironed tresses are beyond sexy.

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Gabrielle Union’s swingy blowout is the epitome of straight hair chic. “Avoid greasy products,” says Edris. “They’ll clog pores and add buildup to your scalp,” weighing hair down.

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Naomi Campbell’s hairstyle is pin-straight but also has great body. “If you don’t shampoo more than once a week, avoid heavy creams,” advises Nicholls. “They can weigh hair down.”

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Blunt edges give Rihanna’s impossibly long, stick-straight extensions a sharp, swingy look.

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“Always sleep on silk pillowcases,” says Nicholls. “Cotton or polyester fabrics can cause your blowout to deflate in a couple of days.”

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Beyonce’s soft, all-one-length style has a dazzling finish. “Rosewater and witch hazel are great natural products that can freshen your scalp and prevent odors,” says Nicholls.

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With her full bangs and flawlessly blown-out extensions, Serena Williams looks like she just left the salon.

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Kerry Washington’s face-framing layers and bangs add sexy dimension to her blowout.

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“A sure sign of a healthy scalp is shiny hair,” says Nicholls. She adds that, while it may be difficult to shampoo more than once a week, it’s the best thing for your scalp and hair.


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