Ask the Experts: Adepero Oduye's Natural Hair Secrets

To get the scoop on how Adepero Oduye creates her signature styles, we caught up with her hairstylist and natural hair expert Nedjetti Harvey.  Click through to get an exclusive list of Oduye's must-have products and hair routine tips.

Nicole Marie Melton Jun, 27, 2013

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"Before blowing out Adepero’s hair, I take a section of hair starting from the back and spritz it with water. It’s important to always spray the hair with water before blowing out. It's an instant detangler causing the comb to glide through the hair with ease alleviating breakage. Water is natural hair BFF!," says Harvey.

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"Give your tresses a monthly steam treatment. With conditioner in your hair sit under the steamer as it adds moisture, softens and alleviates breakage. For fine hair 10-20 minutes, for medium to dense hair 20-30 minutes," advises Harvey.

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"Be sure to have your hair professionally trim every 2 ½ to 3 months. Find a licensed hair artist you trust who isn’t shears happy and normally only ¼ inch has to be removed. In time you will see your hair flourish because lack of trims will always cause hair breakage and split ends," says Harvey.

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"The secret to Adepero’s fabulous updo is she gives me complete create control. She sits in my chair and says nothing, I kid you not. I ask the important questions in order for me to create.  Her choice not to dictate to me how she’d like her hair to be is why the end results has been pleasant and memorable surprises to us both," reveals Harvey.

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"What inspires my creativity when styling Adepero’s hair is the garments she wears. I tend to create around them, but oftentimes the night before I’ll envision a style or part of the style. Sometimes I see a part of the style and when I create it, everything else from that point on continues being God's guidance. Each style is a custom-made adventure," says Harvey.

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"To achieve Adepero’s chic updos, I blow out Adepero’s hair with an attachment comb. I apply a pommade with natural ingredients on each wet section before blowing it out to protect the hair from the heat. Before pulling Adepero’s hair into a ponytail or twisting it, I’ll apply Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Curl Defining Creame Glaze for moisture. What I love about Dark and Lovely Au Naturale line is that it contains mango oil for moisturization and bamboo milk for elongation," says Harvey.


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