Ask the Experts: 20 Black Hair Secrets

Think you know everything there is to know about Black hair? Guess again! Here, famed celeb hairstylist Derek J. (Nicole Ari Parker, Kandi Burress and Eva Marcille are devotees) let us in on twenty hair tips, tricks, tools and products that should be on every Black woman's radar. Hope you're taking notes!
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 02, 2011

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“To avoid the crunchy hair look on curly texture, apply mousse or foam while the hair is wet then let it air dry. The less you touch wet hair, the less frizzy it will be.”

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“Tired of the same look with your synthetic wig? Use Smart Heat styling tools ($45 – $70,
on the synthetic setting to try waves, crimps, curls or straight styles.”

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“Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Milk Shampoo and Conditioner ($10 each, are great at-home products to give added moisture to your dry hair.”

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“If you’ve shampooed your hair and still can’t get all the grease and oils out, massage in a little dish detergent and follow up with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.”

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“Been in a smoking environment and your extensions are stinky? Spray a little
Febreze Air Effects Spray ($6.49, to knock it right out.”

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“Denman Paddle Brush ($10, is a must have in your diva kit to keep that hair in check, whether it’s wrapping your hair up for the night or a quick brush through before the club.”

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“Don’t want to commit to a full weave? Clip-in tracks are your best bet. You can take them in and out as you please; you should also try clip-in bangs.”

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“For extra volume or a subtle bump at the ends, try Gold ’N Hot 2 inch 24kt Gold Colossal Curling Iron ($32.99,”

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“Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray Maximum Hold ($13, is the perfect flexible styling spray that allows you to get a great hold without making the hair hard.”

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“To freshen up synthetic wigs, first shampoo the hair with dish detergent, then swish it around in fabric softener and let it air dry.”

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“GK Hair Taming System is great in-salon treatment for repairing damaged hair and bringing it to its full potential (check out for more info).”

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“When all else fails, rock a ponytail! It’s chic and goes with any ensemble. And if you don’t have enough hair, a drawstring ponytail can add the length you need.”

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“Some women have edges that need an extra punch, and Hick’s Edges Pomade ($12.99, gives you that, this product can lay down anything.”

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“For a sleek, weightless feel to the hair, the Brazilian Heat After Dark
Titanium Flat Iron ($69.99, straightens hair with ease.”

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“Hot rollers are the trick to give you bouncy volume all day. Pop the rollers in when you wake up, do your morning routine and take them out right before you leave.”

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“Too much static in your hair? Keep a dryer sheet handy and with one swipe and it’s all gone.”

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“For over-the-top big hair, use a curling iron on some sections of the hair and a waving iron on other parts. Brush through or backcomb for ultimate volume.”

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“Pureology’s Hydrate System ($15 – $50, ) will keep your color treated hair hydrated and healthy.”

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“Tigi Bed Head Hair Wax Stick ($9.60, is a must have to tame the unruly flyaways and great to lay down your edges.”

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“Not ready to cut your long locks into a sexy bob? Try pinning your hair up to create that shape…it’s the best of both worlds!”