Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 25, 2010

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Arsenio was always in good form as the host of his groundbreaking talkshow. Here, the comedian is pictured on the set at the infamous Stage 29 at Paramount Pictures.

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In “Coming to America,” Arsenio starred with Eddie Murphy as a pair of African royals who, together, traveled to the States to find love. A box office smash when it hit theaters in June of ’88, “Coming to America” remains a classic.

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Semmi wasn’t the only character Hall played in “Coming to America.” Here, he is preaching at the pulpit as the ever-shady Reverend Brown.

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Barely-recognizable, Hall also portrayed Morris, the elder, opinionated barber in “Coming to America.”

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In 1989, Hall re-teamed with his partner-in-crime, Eddie Murphy for “Harlem Nights.” The film, written and directed by Murphy, also starred late comedy greats, Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx.

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After the successful run on his talk show, Hall tried his hand in primetime with the action comedy, “Martial Law.” He’s pictured here with his former co-star, Sammo Hung.

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Hall headed back to the big screen to portray Tasty Freeze in the hilarious Blaxploitation parody, “Black Dynamite.”

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Hall embraces his son, Arsenio Hall, Jr. on the red carpet at last year’s BET Awards in Los Angeles.

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