Are You Keeping Your Beauty Products Too Long?

You may be holding on to your makeup for too long. Find out which products to keep and toss, here!  

Virginia Lowman Jul, 05, 2015

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To maintain clear skin, do not keep skin care products for longer than one year. Toss any products that you apply with your fingers after 8 months, as these products tend to experience frequent exposure to bacteria.

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Quality brushes can cost you a pretty penny, but if you make the investment they'll make it worth your while. Many high-quality brushes come with warranty and if cared for properly, they'll last you upward of five years. Be sure to clean your brushes regualrly to avoid exposing your skin and makeup to bacteria. Keep your brushes fresh by cleaning them once a week.

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Shadows have a shelf-life of 6-8 months; less if you apply the products with your fingers. If you don't wear shadow frequently, then you may be able to keep them for up to a year, but don't risk an eye infection to wear a particular shadow "just one more time."

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Depending on the make of your foundation, some foundations keep longer than others. Foundations stored in an air-tight bottle can be kept anywhere from 1-2 years, while exposed foundations should be kept no longer than one year because of exposure to bacteria from makeup brushes, pads and sponges.

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Loose powder can be kept for up to two years. However, if the powder begins to carry a faint smell, you should toss it ASAP to avoid skin irritation.

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Like loose powder, blush has a shelf life of about 1-2 years. But, if you notice a change in color or texture, toss it and save yourself the heartache of a cosmetic breakout.

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Makeup products like liquid liners and eye pencils have a shorter shelf life because they are constantly being exposed to bacteria.  Each time you pull the wand out of your liquid eyeliner tube you are bringing bacteria into the product, so to be on the safe side, get rid of these products every 3-4 months. Pencil liners have a longer shelf life--about 1-2 years--if you sharpen them regularly.

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Because eyes are very sensitive to bacteria, beauty products like mascara have the shortest shelf life and should be changed every 2-3 months. To ensure that your product doesn't dry out within that timeframe, avoid muli-dipping your wand in the mascara while in the tube.

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Extend the shelf life your your lipstick and avoid contaminatination by applying color with a brush. Store them in a cool place and you can keep them for up to a year. 

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Your lipgloss tube is a breeding ground for bacteria especially because it's kept in a warm place, so be sure to toss the gloss after 6 months!

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Suprisingly, your nail polish is not evergreen. If your polish begins to smell funny and change in texture or color, then it's time to get rid of it. Otherwise, you can keep your polish for up to 2 years.


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