Ageless Beauty Pamela Moore

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Budding entrepreneur, starting her own greeting card business; Charlotte, North Carolina

On having a hottie for a mom: “I was in high school when I discovered a male classmate of mine checking out my mom, not knowing she was my mom. She was never my friend growing up; she was always a mom. We now enjoy a friendship because of the way she raised me.”

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“My mom is a Seventh Day Adventist so diet is a priority. We never had sweets in the house. When we `splurged’ we drank ginger ale and ate popcorn.”

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“When I was 7 my mom put out some dates, raisins and oranges for me, I told her `you’re the best cook ever’ and she still laughs about that. Everything was natural [growing up]."

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Age-defying secret #1: “I drink lots of water, and my mom and I will juice when our skin isn’t looking its best.

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Wise words: “I know my body is a temple, so I eat right. And true beauty starts with how you feel about yourself.”