Ageless Beauty Denise Jones Firth

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Landscape contractor, wife and mother, clothes fanatic, nature lover; Pleasanton, California

This California girl loves life and the great outdoors. So years ago, after her father died unexpectedly, she and her husband were motivated to take a chance on a great adventure.

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“The death of my father hit us hard and we thought, life is just too short,” chimes Denise. So she and her husband bought a boat, took sailing lessons and sailed throughout the Caribbean for what turned into nine years. By the time they headed back to San Francisco, the couple had two young boys.

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Age-defying beauty secret: “Healthy eating. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 17, and I drink water all the time.”

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On perfecting her physique: “I spend a lot of time outdoors. Nature calms me down. I don’t have a specific workout routine. I swim in our pool, but mowing the lawn is one of my favorite things to do. We live on half an acre, so it takes me four hours to mow the front yard and four to mow the back. My husband has never touched the yard, but then again, he’s a gourmet cook and I never go into the kitchen.”

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Wise words: “Stay close to nature and keep a positive attitude.”