Ageless Beauty Carolyn Steele

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Retired teacher, medal-winning roller skater and skier; Edgewater, New Jersey

Wise words: “People spend their lives looking for happiness, but it’s up to us to put happiness into everything we do.”

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“Being healthy is vital in life as well as understanding that you are the most important person in your own life. You’ve got to treat yourself as well as you treat those around you.”

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On staying fit: “I’ve always loved physical activity; I was a tomboy when I was little. I still can’t sit still, I’m just more comfortable moving. I started skating in my forties—during the age of disco. I loved the music, the skate-dancing in the streets. I was in my early fifties when I started competing and winning medals in artistic roller skating. I also won a gold medal skiing, at 55, at Copper Mountain in Colorado. I started skiing when I was 29 and fell in love with it. I still ski in the winter, and am a member of the Sno-Burners [one of the oldest Black ski clubs in the U.S.].”

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Age-defying wellness secrets: “I eat for my blood type and practice proper food combining. I see a nutritionist and get regular colonics.”

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Steele loves to move. And she’s a firm believer in doing things that bring her joy.

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“I skate three days a week. If I’m not skating I’m doing aerobics—and I love Pilates.”