Ageless Beauty: 25 ESSENCE Readers Share Their Secrets

In the January issue of ESSENCE, we asked you to share your secrets to looking and feeling young. These 25 readers show how they defy the clock and prove that "Black don't crack."

ESSENCE.COM Jan, 04, 2013

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Hometown: Kensington, Maryland
Ageless Beauty Tip: Eating healthy with exercise everyday, a fabulous brow, concealer and gloss!

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Hometown: Jackson Springs, North Carolina
Ageless Beauty Tip: A relationship with my GOD and eating healthy contribute to my beauty. My three beautiful babies keep me very busy and on the go. It's just a blessing from GOD.

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Hometown: Pflugerville, Texas 
Ageless Beauty Tip: Drink lots of agua, exercise and get plenty of rest. Eat plenty of clean foods, colorful veggies and fruits.

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Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland 
Ageless Beauty Tip: Living a loving and forgiving life, along with a healthy diet and exercise.

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Hometown: Grapevine, Texas
Ageless Beauty Tip: As a fitness professional, pro cheerleader director/choreographer and a mother of two beautiful children, I maintain an active lifestyle. After the birth of my daughter in October 2012, I celebrated by taking this picture. Although considered an "older mom" by society standards I certainly don't feel like one. I am determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle not only for myself but to be there for my family. I do that not only by exercising/eating right but maintaining solid relationships, including an amazing 20-year-marriage, and surrounding myself with a host of like-minded friends who provide ongoing positive energy.

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Hometown: Albany, Georgia 
Ageless Beauty Tip: A minimum of eight hours of sleep, drinking lots of water and staying spiritually grounded.

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Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ageless Beauty Tip: Lots of love, laughter and water.

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Hometown: Somerset, New Jersey
Ageless Beauty Tip: Smile everyday no matter what's going on around you.

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Hometown: Los Angeles, California 
Ageless Beauty Tip: I drink 16 ounces of water when I first wake up in the morning, and I drink water with each meal. Absolutely no sodas! I exercise a minimum of three times per week and eat lots of vegetables! My number one tip: I do not worry! I brush it off and keep moving. I am a mother to three sons and a grandmother. Being healthy is important to me and my family!

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Hometown: Orlando, Florida 
Ageless Beauty Tip: In order to look your best, it starts from the inside out. I exercise three days a week, eliminate greasy foods from my diet, drink plenty of water and hang around with happy people who love to laugh as much as I do!

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Hometown: Lithonia, Georgia
Ageless Beauty Tip: I was always very active growing up and played some type of sport. This mentality has carried over into my adult life. It’s never too late to start a new activity. I started running at 45 and now run 3 miles four to five times a week. I started to play tennis at 42, which is also a great cardio workout. I’ve won several division titles although I often play women who are more than 20 years younger than me. I give them a run for their money!

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Hometown: Houston, Texas
Ageless Beauty Tip: A virgin olive oil and honey mask nightly, drink plenty of water, exercise (walk and/or zumba) three to four times weekly for at least 30 minutes....and yes, I feel REVIVED after my daily prayer!

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Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland 
Ageless Beauty Tip: My beauty tip is no drinking or smoking. Also, being comfortable in my own skin and having good genes doesn't hurt.

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Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia 
Ageless Beauty Tip: Staying actively engaged in positive activities.

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Hometown: Shiloh, Illinois
Ageless Beauty Tip: I try to keep myself looking great by using Neutrogena facial scrub and afterwards I apply Oil of Olay night firming cream. I also exercise regularly and eat healthy along with taking Omega 3 Fish Oils daily. My biggest secret is staying stress-free and surrounding myself with positive people who can uplift me and keep negative things and people out of my life. The most important thing I do is love myself and God. When people realize happiness comes from within and the man upstairs you can see it from the inside out.

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Hometown: Katy, Texas
Ageless Beauty Tip: My top beauty secret is actually no secret at all. It's about always being a kid at heart! Life is short so enjoy every moment even when it becomes too much. Pray about it and enjoy!

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Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Ageless Beauty Tip: Exercise and healthy eating.

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Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Ageless Beauty Tip: Often people are surprised I am a mom of a soon-to-be college and high school grad. My tip for staying young is working hard, being goal driven, doing everything in moderation and fasting when you feel out of control. I have a ton of friends from high school that say I look exactly the same. While I know that can't be true, I would agree I've tried to take great care of my body. I'm a health care professional, so I see everyday the effects of poor health care.

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Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Ageless Beauty Tip: My top beauty tip would have to be drinking plenty of water. I drink nothing but water with lemon. I drink hot green tea occasionally. I don't drink sodas, juice or any sugary drinks. Dancing has always been my passion, and it’s truly an outlet for me on extremely stressful days. Your lifestyle, or how you represent and treat your body inside and out, is your diet, which should be an ongoing change to remain youthful.

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Hometown: Rialto, California
Ageless Beauty Tip: Daily use of Vaseline petroleum jelly, moisturizer and towels.

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Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Ageless Beauty Tip: I don't allow my stress level to get too high. I drink plenty of water, and I use an exfoliating face wash everyday.

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Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Ageless Beauty Tip: Eating close to the natural and dancing and teaching African dance.

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Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ageless Beauty Tip: I have to give credit to my mom and her good genes. People always think she's my sister. They also think my teenage daughter is my sister too! My top beauty tip is to not stress. It causes wrinkles and gray hairs! Relax and don't take life too seriously.

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Hometown: West Babylon, New York
Ageless Beauty Tip: I cleanse and moisturize my face each morning with anti-aging and homemade products, but I learn to keep it simple. I often look into what is good for my body. For example, I started eating more unprocessed and raw foods, which have more vitamins than cooked foods.

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Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina
Ageless Beauty Tip: I am a 46-year-old mother of one (incredibly handsome) son. Since he has been away at college, I have been taking time out for me—working out daily, catching up on my reading, traveling. It’s been great! I truly believe in the saying, “Life is short," so ENJOY! And don’t sweat the small stuff.

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Hometown: Springfield, Massachusetts
Ageless Beauty Tip: I drink lots of water, and eat vegetables daily. I love to walk.


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