The Advantages of Transitioning With Short & Long Hair

Transitioning can feel like an unnecessary burden. But, there are benefits to doing it with long and short hair. 

Cipriana Quann Jul, 29, 2015

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Longer lengths with curly hair causes the strands to become much more susceptible to tangling and single strand knots. Especially since the longer your hair the older the strands are due to natural wear, which can cause breakage, as well as the bulk end of the strands to become finer than the density closer to the root area which is commonly known as ‘feathering’. Your strands are stronger in numbers so as the ends of your hair feather naturally with length, this is the reason why tangling, single strand knots and split ends happen more frequently in this area.

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Longer hair allows you to maintain longer periods of upkeep with less manipulation. The longer the hair the less chance there is for unraveling which can happen with shorter styles. Longer strands are also able to maintain the effects of perspiration and the bulk of extension protective styles like Marley twists better, due to less stress of the rooted area from the lengthier part of the base supporting the added extension.

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While split ends are more commonly discussed, mid-trichorrexis nodosa in otherwise known as mid-shaft splits also occur. Along every curling point or where the hair bends along the strand is a potential point of breakage. This “potential point of breakage” depicts an area of weakness creating grounds to support and enable breakage within the shaft. Once our hair is affected by humidity the strand is weakened due to the weight of the water which elongates the strand placing stress on every single potential point of breakage.

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For those who are only content with constant change, longer tresses may be the answer. While short hair has the attractive advantage of the "I woke up like this" look, it can be somewhat limited in creative styling for the summer. The longer the hair the more styling options become accessible.

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Constant twistouts, braidouts or any daily ritual to achieve the “perfect” coif can increase abrasion of the strand leaving you with a weak and frayed hair shaft. Shorter styles have the upper hand since strands tend to be less manipulated daily to attain a stretched style.

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