11 Adorable Celeb Mom and Child Vacation Moments

Tia-Mowry-Hardrict and Monica both took their kids to Disney World this week, while Beyoncé and Blue Ivy caught some waves while in vacation. We've gathered 11 sweet vacation moments from celebs enjoying precious time with their young ones.

Imani Brammer Aug, 12, 2015

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Tia enjoyed what seems like a super fun, kid friendly, roller-coaster ride with two-year-old son Cree. She captioned this photo, "Cree Cree."

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They may be on a roller coaster spin, but Cree was totally picture ready!

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Grammy award-winning artist Monica and her children soared above Disney’s Animal Kingdom park aboard TriceraTop Spin on August, 11, 2015. The singer took some time to vacation with family at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. before readying for a US tour to promote her latest album, Code Red, which debuts in fall 2015.

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Monica enjoyed Disney World, but one-year-old baby Laiyah was not having it! Too cute! 

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Blue Ivy plays in the grass with Mommy Bey. 

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Beyonce takes Blue for a little stroll to the beach. Gorgeous view. Precious moment. 

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Jennifer Hudson is all smiles with her son at  Six Flags Great Adventures. She captioned this photo, "4th of July fun!"

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Hudson is pictured ready for take off on this fun roller coaster ride with her family. She captioned the image, "We got thru every ride!" #Trooper

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Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith go shopping while in Hawaii.

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This fashionista absolutely loves her family. "Ran into my lovely peeps Cookie and Magic Johnson! Love them! #family #YachtLife #Monaco," she captioned. 

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Kimora takes her children all around the world. This time, the lovely family was in France. "Family Fun in #Corsica! #France #love," she said on Instagram.