Accessory Street Style: Cuffing Season

This strong metal style really has a hold on us.

Celia L. Smith Dec, 18, 2014

1 of 8 Hannan Saleh

Balance a bold pair by adding one solid cuff to each arm.

2 of 8 Hannan Saleh

When wearing patterns, clean bold statements are the essential finishing touch.

3 of 8 Hannan Saleh

Cuffs that resemble chic body armor are always welcomed.

4 of 8 Hannan Saleh

Spikes, balls and chains create a cool textured mix of metals.

5 of 8 Hannan Saleh

Think outside the jewelry box and mix a chunky cuff with smaller textured styles.

6 of 8 Hannan Saleh

Play-up the gold hardware on your purse with a matching cuff for gladiator-gone-glam style.

7 of 8 SDR Photo

Soften up hard metals with sweet touches.

8 of 8 Hannah Saleh

Keep it regal with gold and stone accented rings and bracelets. 


# Jewelry


# Jewelry