Accessories Street Style: Upgrade You

Twelve finishing touches to step your look up a notch.

Celia L. Smith Feb, 20, 2014

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Brooches are a girl's best friend. Sporting a plain shirt, or a wide lapel coat that's feeling bare? Or just need to add extra umph to a hat? Fill that void with a brooch.

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The fur vest adds a whole new layer of chic on top of a coat, but when worn inside with jeans and a T-shirt, it's definitely an extra bit of fab.

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The French have been doing it forever –– why? Because a swing of a scarf adds an effortless touch to whatever you're wearing.

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Flats finally earn their cool points this season while sharpening your style.

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A metal plated choker over a collar or turtleneck transforms simple style to polished sci-fi fashion.

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Tone down a fancy ensemble with a tomboy touch that adds an element of cool.

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Add an extra kick to your look when you throw neon bright sneakers into the equation.

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A basic black clutch has got nothing on a bold bag. Stripes or flashy metallics can make or break a look.

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They may seem like nothing more than toys, but these hanging fur, charms and trinkets personalize your look to make your "it" bag stand out from the rest.

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Every neutral needs a splash of color, so whether it's a trench coat or classic pea coat inject a bit of vibrancy into your look with a gaudy glove.

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The one accessory that has the power to make a crisp button-up shirt look next level chic, is a tie. nothing says polished and pulled together better than this accessory, so don't be afraid to borrow from the boy.

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A fur hat lends an instantly luxe feel to whatever you're wearing.