Accessories Street Style: With A Twist

There's many ways to tie on a turban. Let us count the ways.

Charlene Cooper Sep, 27, 2013

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Let your hair down and channel your inner boho by tying a medium piece of fabric into a top knot around your head.

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We love this jewel-colored turban! To get the look, cover your hair with a large piece of cloth and twist it as you would a towel.

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Spruce up a plain tee with a bold head wrap and some equally bold accessories.

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Large head wear stands out even more when worn it with solid or neutral colors.

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Soften up a turban look by adding elegant accessories to your ensemble.

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An understated head scarf is effortlessly cute when your hair refuses to play nice. 

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Don't skim on the fabric when trying to achieve this larger-than-life top knot turban.

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Embrace a pop of color! Brighter hues takes the traditional turban look to the next level.

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For a vintage '50s look, don't be afraid to re-purpose grandma's old school turban.

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A subtle turban adds some flavor to an easy breezy laid-back look.

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A printed head wrap alongside a cool set of frames adds an eclectic twist to an everyday get-up.