Accessories Street Style: Retro Active

These ladies are shady in the best way. Let us count the many ways to block the sun in style with a nod to the past and a glance towards the future. 

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We say yes to uber chic sunnies that boast a unique shape. Double points for the sleek hair to match. 

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These retro shaped sunnies take on a whole new life with reflective lenses. 

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It's all about keeping it cute with transparent frames, mirror lenses and fun jewlery. 

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We love this look! Killer shades. Check. Fierce scarf. Check. Statement Earrings. Check. This is definitely an accessory victory. 

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How cool can ones shades get? When you pair mirror lenses with a retro circle frame there's no telling how far you can go. 

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These cat-eye frames scream drama and the cat ears drive the point home. We can't get enough of it. Prrr. 

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Simple hair and jewlery really help these bold shades stand out. 

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This stylish lady is right on trend with a groovy nod to the '70's.

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These futuristic sunnies are like a cat-eye, circle frame, mirror lense hybrid and we're on board. 

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The combination of a chic cat eye and the fierce neckline on this dress read: "I know what I'm doing."

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And we're back to black with another set of shades that pair a futuristic vibe with classic elements.