Accessories Street Style: Put A Lid On It

From men's fedora's to cat-ear caps –– the season's must-have hats.

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A wide-brimmed fedora completes a clean, classic black and white combo. 

2 of 12 Hannan Saleh

A printed coat plays-up the whimsy of the popular cat-ear trend. 

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The more texture the better. This fuzzy hat paired with a black coat and oversized sweater make for a cozy yet clean look.  

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Blogger Karen Blanchard pulls the relaxed and layered look off perfectly, topping it with a classic cable knit beanie. 

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Playing with patterns and bold colors is always fun. Top off the look with a playful spin on a seriously chic hat to complete the look. 

6 of 12 Hannan Saleh

An outfit with classic cuts, sleek lines and bold accessories, like this leather hat, create the perfect balance. 

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A caramel colored newsboy cap plus glamorous fur creates a super-cute Bonnie and Clyde mens-inspired moment.

8 of 12 Hannan Saleh

Structured yet funky, this colorblocked top hat falls right in line with her look. 

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A cool grey no-fuss beanie finishes off this tom-boy meets girly-girl look. 

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By simply wearing this wide-brim hat lower on the head, paired with a dark lip gives off edge and mystery. 

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Bigger is better with this dramatic take on an equestrian-inspired cap.

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We're mad about plaid this fall! Take the tartan trend to the next level by wrapping up your look with it.