Accessories Street Style: The Little Black Boot

The many variations of the little black boot is what makes it the staple of the season. Here's how to add that extra spark to your footwear. 

Dominique Hobdy Feb, 25, 2015

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A shearling trim adds a chic and unexpected pop and an extra layer of warmth. 

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Add a rock and roll flair to your footwear with these spiky numbers. 

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Sometimes things really are black and white and when it comes to these boots you wouldn't want it any other way. 

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What a stud! These booties with buckle details and studded lining make for a funky take on a classic. 

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You'll cause a chain reaction in these stompers. 

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This bootie is a chic marriage between a mocassin and killer heel. 

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Keep it sporty and chic with high top, high-shine sneakers. 

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There are no weak links on these high-fashion Chanel boots. 

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Get abstract with little black boots that serve up flattering angles. 

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Fringe benefits and peek-a-boo details make for an uber sexy shoe. 

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Style is an understatement in these sky-high wedges. 

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This look is the perfect way to ease into the sock and sandals trend. 


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