Accessories Street Style: Finishing Touches

Twelve key accessories that will give your wardrobe an instant update.

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A handbag can completely transform a look. This doesn't have to be the hot bag of the moment. In fact, the more standout the style is, the better.

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Thanks to paparazzi-stalked celebs, oversized shades add instant glam factor to your outfit no matter how casual.

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For each new way you wear a scarf it lends a completely different vibe. Experiment with twisting and tying for a new look.

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Top it off with a hat. It creates a menswear sense of cool or church-chic elegance, depending on the style.

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Whether your specs are for fashion or function, updating the shape you wear can transform your appearance.

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Stockings and leggings can add unique value to the overall look.

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Make your bold belt the center of attention while upping the ante on simple silhouettes.

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The more necklaces, the merrier. Variations will make that same shirt you wore last week look completely different today.

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Tie up a turban for bohemian glamour or simply to masque a bad hair day.

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Mix in a jeweled earring for a touch of fancy.

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Put on an interesting sock for a subtle statement.

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Slipping on a standout shoe is the perfect wild card to safe style.