Accessories Street Style: Accessory Overload

Accessories Street Style: Accessory Overload
ESSENCE.COM May, 16, 2012

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Charlotte Russe and Ann Taylor bracelets.

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Use accessories like these African printed bangles to play up the patterns in your outfit.

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Coordinating can be cool when done right. Instead of matching all of your accessories to your look, match only a few pieces to one key color.
Gold Lapis ring by Yves Saint Laurent.

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A mix of boutique, vintage and vendor bracelets.

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Try layering two statement necklaces for one bold look.
Pailette sequin necklace by Joanne Hynes, metal necklace by Maria Francesca Pepe.

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Use layered chunky metals to transform a simple white or black dress.
Gold bracelet by Eliza Cole, silver bracelet by Otazu.

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Vintage coin necklace.

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Mix unlikely pairs like an edgy spike bracelet and basic watch, to create an interesting story.

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A mix of funky vintage rings.

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Arrow necklace (worn as bracelet), and ring, both by Lia Sophia.

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Try different sizes and textures of the same metal for a cooler touch.

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Multi-layered metal necklace by Otazu.

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Leather bangles by Ted Rossie and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.

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Marika Brown wears a Zara coat and top, with Forever 21 pants, pink Marc by Marc Jacob bag and All Saints boots.

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Street Style: Eclectic Cool mix of vendor bracelets.

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VH1 fashion reporter Janell Snowden wears a Kova dress, YSL clutch and Jeffrey Campbell wedges. (Street Style: ‘Styled By June’ Premiere)

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Spiked grommets were a big trend this year, in this exact style. These gold metal bracelets on black leather have a chic rocker quality.

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African bracelets found on travels. (Accessories Street Style: Bright Young Things)