Accessories Street Style: 9 Ways to Accessorize Your Accessories

Accessories make the outfit, but what makes the accessory? We're majorly crushing on the stylish ladies out there that have figured out how to add an extra chic factor to their already stand-out accessories. From perfectly placed scarves, to fun and furry additions, these are the embellishments that can take any look to the next level. 

1 of 9 Hannan Saleh

Tassels are your friend when it comes to accessories. We love how this eye-catching addition is almost bigger than the clutch itself. Chic! 

2 of 9 Hannan Saleh

This black bag reminds us of a good (and chic) game of tetris, but it's furry friend is what really makes it a show stopper. 

3 of 9 Hannan Saleh

Another furry embelishment helps this red bag stand out. Extra points for the super cute phone purse. Way to accessorize to the max. 

4 of 9 Hannan Saleh

This stylish lady proves that fruits should be a part of your everyday routine, now whether you wear them or eat them is up to you. 

5 of 9 Hannan Saleh

Add some pizazz to your purse by adding colorful tassles to the mundane clasp. 

6 of 9 Hannan Saleh

Let's hear it for the fringe! This oversized tassel adds a whole different element to the subtle ensemble. 

7 of 9 Hannan Saleh

What's better than adorable shoes? Adorable socks to go with them of course! Socks aren't always about function, play up your sandles with a cute pair made for being seen. 

8 of 9 Hannan Saleh

Who said scarves are only to be worn on our heads and necks? Break the mold by adding a funky scarf to your purse handle. 

9 of 9 Hannan Saleh

All it took was a simple, dual-colored, fuzzy pom-pom to add the fun factor to this very serious bag.