9 Types of Men Who Make the Worst Valentines

If you're hoping for a little Valentine's Day romance, decline all date night invitations from these fellas.

Charli Penn Feb, 10, 2016

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If you’re hoping for a little Valentine’s Day romance, decline all date night invitations from these fellas. (We're not saying these guys are jerks or anything, but they may not give you what you need this Sunday.)

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Every friend you show his Tinder profile to has the same response: “I matched with that guy!” He’s a serial dater with no shame and romance couldn’t be farther from his mind. Why It’s Not Worth It: While this guy will be down to make V-day plans with you, chances are he may have double booked. Avoid him if you want your date to be fully focused on you.

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This guy lives his entire life through the lens of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He’s so busy making sure he doesn’t miss a beat, he’s actually missing everything real happening around him, Why It’s Not Worth It: Do you really want to spend Valentine’s Day staring at the top of his head because he only has eyes for his phone? He’d rather be at home tweeting than out romancing you – save your energy from someone unplugged.

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This guy only knows one way to communicate, and it’s via text message and he even has the audacity to return your phone call with a text. Why It’s Not Worth It: Great conversation is an essential ingredient for creating a romantic evening for two. If his attention span can’t withstand a phone conversation, there’s no way he’ll make it through dinner.

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Whenever this guy suggests you get together, he never seems to have plans to leave the house. You suggest dinner; he votes for takeout. You want to hit the theaters; he pulls up his Netflix queue. You make reservations; he says he wants to “save money this weekend.” Sigh….Does this dude ever leave his house? Why It’s Not Worth It: You want a memorable evening out on the town for two and he lacks the creativity to break his usual routine. Making V-Day plans with this guy while require you to compromise big time, and you should not have (or want) to do that.

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You know every move this guy makes because it’s on Instagram just moments later. He craves double taps and maintaining his social feeds is his part time job.  Why It’s Not Worth It: Do you really want to spend the evening helping him stage when picture-perfect Valentine’s Day dinner moment after another? Yeah, we thought not.

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if you’re feeling festive, he’s not your guy. He’s anti-holidays, believes V-day is “commercialized” and would rather skip the whole scene. Why It’s Not Worth It: He has a right to his opinions, but girl you know you don’t agree. No need to force the issue.

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Whatever the reason, your relationship is no more. While it’s been over for some time, your both still holding on just a tad bit tighter than you should be. Why It’s Not Worth It: The best way to heal a broken heart is to mend it and move forward. Spending the day (or night) surrounded by happier couples will be like dining with the ghost of relationships past. Why put yourself through that?

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This guy could be anyone, because you haven’t met him yet. Although you’ve chatted digitally once or twice, you have yet to even verify that he is who he says he is. Why It’s Not Worth It: This one’s easy. Blind dates have a tendency to lean more toward the unexpected. If you’re expecting romance for the holiday, we suggest you steer clear.

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He’s fun, reliable and he gets you, When you’re in each other’s company, good times will follow. The problem: You have feelings for him, but no matter how hard you search for it, the chemistry between you is non-existent. Why It’s Not Worth It: If you crave a romantic thrill for the evening, you know in your heart he’s not the one who can provide it for you. He’s no jerk, but he doesn’t satisfy your valentine requirements either. Sorry, girl.