9 Times Kanye West Had a Point

Happy birthday, Yeezus! May your 38th year be filled with nothing but happiness, precious new bundles of joy and endless wisdom (like some of these gems that you've spouted!).

Jolie A. Doggett Jun, 08, 2015

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Kanye is very outspoken against classism, as he made clear during his speech at Oxford University this week.

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We all remember that day when Kanye called out the Presient of the United States during a telethon to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. His statement made us clutched our pearls, but... did he have a point?

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During his acceptance speech at the 2015 BET Honors, Kanye West tried to encourage young people of color to use their talents to create wealth.

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Kanye also tried to help young Black men shift their focus toward more lofty goals and aspirations while accepting the Visionary Award at the 2015 BET Honors.

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Even though this lyric from "Good Life" is brief, it packs a punch.

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During a 2006 interview for The Fader magazine, Kanye opened up about his journey as a creative kid and how the world tries to limit the imagination.

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While others value money, cars and clothes, Kanye places value in time.

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On Twitter, Kanye called out artists who use degrading language by shining a spotlight on a musical legend who keeps his lyrics clean and positive.

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This lyric from the song "Big Brother" is a reminder to spread love while the one you love is still around.