9 Things We Learned from the Black-ish 'Bloop-ish' Episode

Last night's "bloop-ish" episode of "black-ish" was filled with fun facts from behind-the-scenes.

Jolie A. Doggett Mar, 12, 2015

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Whether they’re seasoned actors like Tracee Ellis Ross (Bow), or new blood like Marcus Scribner (Junior), everyone forgets their lines once in a while. But that’s not a bad thing. The camera’s always rolling and sometimes, they pick up a hilarious candid family moment.

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The Johnsons became the Jacksons on the Black-ish Halloween special. Tracee Ellis Ross revealed that her favorite black-ish moment was dressing the family up as The Jackson 5 (plus Janet).

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What Miles Brown (Jack) lacks in joke telling skills, he makes up on the dance floor. Miles is known for busting a move between scenes. “He is the bomb diggity at dancing,” according to his black-ish twin Marsai Martin (Diane).

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Tracee Ellis Ross’ favorite thing about her black-ish son is the way he uses his body for comedy. From his slapstick routines to his admirable attempts at dancing, Marcus Scribner (Junior) has the moves to move you to laughter.

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“What did the green grape say to the purple grape? ‘Breathe.’” Get it? No? That’s just one of the corny jokes Miles Brown (Jack) is known for constantly sharing on set. But his black-ish family loves him anyway.

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Did you know Anthony Anderson actually did that dance floor flip in the bro-mitzvah pilot scene? The entire cast does their own stunt moves for black-ish. Don’t worry. Tracee Ellis Ross assures us that Anthony is very “sturdy.”

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Jennifer Lewis is always one to speak her mind, sometimes without using words at all. With a simple “umph,” “mm hm,” or long drawn out sigh, you know exactly what the Johnson family matriarch is thinking. Look at that picture. Can't you just hear her?

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Dre’s eccentric co-worker, Charlie, comes by his craziness honestly. Deon Cole, who plays Charlie on the show, brings his personal expressiveness to his character. As Yara Shahidi (Zoey) says, "It’s all in the eyes."

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How does Rainbow really feel about being half white? How does Zoey act around her friends? Will Diane ever get a solo on a musical episode? (Gasp!)….is Rainbow having another baby? We can't wait to see what's coming up next on Black-ish!

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