9 Perfect Responses To 'Why Are You Still Single?'

Rebuff a bad question with a good answer. Here's your guide.

The Matchmaking Duo Apr, 05, 2016

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“So, why are you still single?” Even if it’s said with a smile, this question never comes over well, especially when a man is asking. Keep your head held high and keep it moving with one of these nine easy responses. (You’re welcome.)

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“I’m so glad you asked because I wanted to ask you the same thing. (Smile and pause for his answer) Then revert to any of the above responses when the question comes back to you.”

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"I have been in long-term relationships in the past and sometimes you realize that you both rowing different directions. I’ve learned a lot and know what I need in a man now and also what I bring to the table. I’m interested in someone who shares mutual interests and goals for the future, so no rush…I’m dating and I’m optimistic that I’ll find someone special again."

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“I have dedicated the last ___ years to focus on my education and career and that took precedence over my personal life, which was awesome. The great news is, I’m established professionally and now it’s time to put my personal life first. I’m so excited about what lies ahead!”

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“I have realized my value and worth as a woman. I feel I have so much to offer a deserving man and I don’t plan to give it all away to just anyone. But when I’m in, I’m all in!”

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“I just got out of a relationship not long ago and I realized that our relationship was just for a season, not a lifetime. I learned so many great qualities about myself that I am looking forward to applying to my next man.”

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“I am recently divorced. My husband and I decided that our relationship was no longer healthy and that is something I require and desire.”

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“I have traveled the world, lived in various cities, states and countries, explored new places and just enjoyed my singleness. I am looking forward to revisiting some of the destinations I uncovered with my new man and making new memories together.”

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“I have spent years taking care of everyone else but me, including parents, children, and siblings who needed my help. But this year, it’s all about my happiness and I’m putting myself first.”

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“I’ve had great relationships in the past but marriage is so important to me and I have many family members and friends who have settled just for the sake of having someone. I believe when it’s right we’ll both know it and we’ll be ready to do what’s necessary to make it work. I’m looking forward to sharing my life with someone when the time is right.”

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Even though this age old question gets under our skin, we want you to remain positive and answer it with a smile. Remember to keep your answers short and then move on to the next topic. If you have experienced a bad break up, let it go. Try to seek peace, happiness, and contentment in your life while you’re single because that aura will illuminate around you and he will see that finding a loving, committed relationship is only a matter of time for you.

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