9 Must-Haves For Every Gym Bag

It's you're all about the gym life, these items are sure to become your best friends.

Virginia Lowman Jan, 08, 2016

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If fitness is at the top of your to do list this year, then these beauty buys are a must have for your bag to keep it fresh before and after your work up a sweat!

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We're always here for a good cleansing wipe, and they certainly come in handy on gym days. Wipe Makeup off before hitting the gym and fresh your skin after a tough workout. These easy-to-carry wipes make it easy to cleanse, hydrate and protect without the fuss.

$6.95, available at honest.com

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Whether you love to indulge in a green juice before or after your workout, your juicing just got a whole lot easier. Now you can drink your greens while you work out. As the name suggests, each tablet of 8 Greens Supplements contains eight essential greens to detox, cleanse, boost your energy and give you your veggie fill for the day.

$12.50, available at nordstrom.com

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If you're natural, this may not be the best solution for you, but for girls who love a good blowout, keratin treatment,  just got a fresh perm or are rocking box baids or twists, then this may be your hair's new bestie. After working up a sweat, your hair may be limp, oily and may not smell so fresh. Freshen it up by spraying this Unwash Dry Cleanser on your roots and through out your hair to absorb excess oil and give your hair a floral scented boost. 

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We all love to look fabulous, but when you're working out, that whole "glamazon hair" look is just a bad idea. Tie back your tresses without damaging or pulling our your strands with these No Damage Hair Ties from Scunci.

$2.24, available at walmart.com

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It's you've got a glorious halo of curls, keep them from falling in your face by securing them back with a headband or two. If your need extra reinforcement, use three! For curl taming, we love these Scünci No Slip Grip Head Bands that come 4 in a pack.

$4.24, available at walmart.com

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No one wants to carry a full hair regimen in their gym bag, which is why this Davines OI All In One Milk is such a Godsend. Whether I'm rocking my natural or wearing extensions, a few sprays of this lightweight hydrating milk brings my har back to life.

$16, available at davines.com

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No one likes looking like they just left the gym, but it's also a hassle to carry your full makeup bag with you. Instead of applyinga full face, just take care of the essentials. We love this Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir for covering up acne scars, hyperpigmentation and dark under eye circles. A little goes a long way and you can leave the gym looking gorgeous and refreshed.

$26, available at onomie.com

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Applying a full face at the gym is a no-no, but mascara always gives your eyes that extra boos that they need. Hit your lashes with a coat or two of this Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Feather Ultr-Skinny Lash Discovering Mascara for lashes that look bare and naturally long.

$24, avaialble at sephora.com

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Obviously a gym bag should have your standard beauty products, but if you're going to have an effective workout, you'll also need these:

  • Standard Pad Lock— for your locker. You don't want to worry about your stuff getting stolen while you sweat.
  • A towel— Unless your gym has them available for members to use.
  • Water Bottle— No explaination necessary. Hydration is key.
  • Socks— Sweaty, bare feet inside of tennis shoes is always a bad idea.

And of course, cute workout gear and your favorite sneaks are a must!


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