9 Lipsticks That Were Made For Date Night Kisses

Gorgeous kiss-proof shades your guy will love.

Virginia Lowman Feb, 26, 2016

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Red lips are good for all occasions. This rosy-wine shade dries with a semi-matte finish, and is the perfect balance of sophistication and sultry resulting in a look that is polished without being overdone.

$30, available at lancome-usa.com

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Lipsticks aren't the only option for gorgeous kissable lips. These lip stains are hydrating and long wearing, and perfect for the beauty minimalist who doesn't want to look "done." Choose from a selection of 7 perfectly tinted shades to find your ultimate date night look. Our favorite shade is "Sleek."

$22, available at youniqueproducts.com

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It's hard to go wrong with a matte lip, but sometimes the formulas can be drying and require a touch-up for an momentary boost of moisture. This "Truffle" shade looks good on all skin tones and won't dry out your lips through out the night; and, it's water resistant!

$24, available at sephora.com

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Let's be honest, that chances are your lips are probably already gorgeous and plump, but if you want a little extra oomf  for that post-date kiss, then define and fill in your lips with your favorite lip pencil and top it off with this sheer plumping stain. Your guy will have a hard time waiting to drop you off to steal that kiss!

$36, available at yslbeautyus.com

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Brown lipstick has been all over the red carpet this year, but if you're a die-hard red lip girl, then it's tough to transition. This shade is the lovechild of your favorite red lipstick and that brown lip you've been dying to try. Sultry. Elegant. Perfect.

$27, available at nars.com

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If you're a class act with an affinity for old world glamour, then this rosy mauve is the perfect shade for you. It goes on like a lipgloss, dries matte and is super long wearing so you won't have to touch up after cocktails, kisses or for photos for the 'Gram. Did we mention is also super affordable? Win-win!

$7, available at drugstores

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Corals always look gorgeous on brown skin, regardless of the shade. If 2016 is your Jet Set year, then this Amalfi Coast-inspired shade is the perfect compliment to your pout. The perk? Your date won't complain about lipstick transfer post kiss because it's bleed-proof and transfer-proof! Translation: once you put it on, you've got six hours or gorgeous, colorful lips that are kiss-proof and ridiculously photo-worthy!

$24, available at sephora.com

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Leave it to MAC to create the ultimate long-wearing matte lip shade! This deep wine shade is perfect for kisses, pictures and everything in between! For a perfect finish, prep your lips by sloughing off any flakes with a sugar scrub and follow with a moisturizer.

$20, available at maccosmetics.com

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If your beauty resolution is to be more daring, than what better way to start than by wearing a bold lip? This deep navy lip shade has a matte finish that is sure to grab the attention of everyone at the party. To amplify its staying power, dust a little bit of translucent powder on your lips between applying the first and second coat.

$26, available at illamasqua.com


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