9 Essential Gadgets that Fit in Your Clutch

9 Essential Gadgets that Fit in Your Clutch
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 13, 2009

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A few years ago you’d have to carry a duffel bag just to transport your litany of entertainment and office gadgets. But with technology moving so rapidly and gadgets becoming you super-slim and compact, you can now story 2,000 songs, several hundred photos, PowerPoint presentations and all of your contacts in a clutch purse. Here, we take a look at the gadgets that pack the most punch while saving space.

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Featuring a contoured design, Canon’s PowerShot SD990 IS Digital ELPH packs a heap of features into a small, compact package. Boasting 14.7 mega pixels, a 3.7 optical zoom lens, and an easy to use menu, this digital camera produces high-definition pictures with every click. $399

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Available in an array of colors, the smallest MP3 player in Apple’s iPod army gets a full upgrade with storage for up to 2,000 songs, video shooting capability and playback, as well as FM radio. $180

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Keeping all your documents and presentations on a portable jump drive doesn’t have to be so dry. With a custom drive from USB-FlashDrive.com you’ll be able to add some hardware flair for the next big company presentation. Choose an object and they’ll pack a flash drive in it. Choose anything from a race car (shown) for your sister the speed demon, to a Tweety bird for your boyfriend the illustrator. Price on request.

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The user-friendliest of portable gaming devices, the DSi features a library of quick and fun games like Brain Age and Pictionary, as well as a picture supported Facebook app and built in photo studio. Perfect for that plane ride home. $170

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Nothing can wreak havoc on a productive day like a dead Blackberry. When your battery dies and there’s nowhere to charge, simply drop two ‘AA’ batteries in the My Pocket charger and get your juice back. It even works with your iPod!

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Though most Blackberries have shrunk in size, the Curve 8900 kept most of its improvements such as WiFi support, GPS support, and a two-mega pixel camera; even with the loss of a few ounces. $129 with plan

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Face it—fax machines are outdated and traditional scanners are too cumbersome. Enter the Docupen X, which allows you to scan a document simply by gliding the pen-sized device over it. With 64MB of memory and an OLED screen, you’ll never have an ‘Office Space’ moment again with the fax. $369

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Utilizing Motorola’s patented CrystalTalk technology, the incredibly lightweight MOTOPURE H15 Bluetooth headset drastically reduces background noise for a clean, clear conversation. $129

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Condensing BOSE’s signature audio delivery, these headphones deliver cup-style sound through an in-ear design. And with mic support for the iPhone, you’ll be able to chuck those all-white ear buds. $100

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For those times that using your cell phone as a flashlight just won’t cut it (like when you really need to find your keys), there’s the Leatherman Pocket Flashlight which features three brightness settings and an anti-reflective, anti-scratch lens. $80


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