9 Beauty Must-Haves for Your Guest Bathroom This Holiday

These gorgeous beauty items will make your holiday guests feel right at home.

Virginia Lowman Dec, 21, 2015

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Winter and travel will do a number on your hands. This healing balm doubles as an SPF and also combats the signs of aging on hands; bye-bye sun spots! Tumeric and caffeine work together in this hdyrating blend to revel younger-looking, radiant skin that glows. 

HAnd MD Daily Hand Renewal, $30 at hand-md.com

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Help your guest tap into the ultimate luxury retreat with this sweet smelling salt scrub that will also make their skin super soft. to make their bathtime even better, recommend that they add a teaspoon of the salt scrub to running bath water before applying the scrub to their skin. 

$12, available for anthropologie.com

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An enjoying bathroom experience isn’t complete without a luxurious hand wash and lotion. The texture leaves your guests’ hands smooth with no residue, and the sweet smell of ginger lingers long after they’ve left the room.

Origins Ginger Hand Lotion and Cleanser, $17 (each) available at origins.com

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After a day of traveling, your guests will be exhausted, but there's no need for them to look as tired as they feel. These hydrating eye masks are a Korean-beauty favorite and they're packed with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid for intensse hydration and to plumpand firm skin. 

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack, $17.50 (for a set of six) available at dhccare.com

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The ultimate shower indulgence is found in the supr rich lather of this all natural, super moisturizing shower oil. Housed in a glass bottle, it look chic in any shower stall and your guests will feel like they're bathing in luxury. We also love the intoxicating and subtly sweet Lavender Apple scent.

$23, available at sabonnyc.com

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After dinner, let your guests retreat to their rooms and relax in a candle lit bath witha  glass of wine as they bask in the crisp scent of chardonnay and pinot noir. 

$38, available at voluspa.com

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A refreshing mist chock-full of calming essential oils will help your guests start and end their day on a right note before falling fast asleep. Sourced and hand crafted by an ancient chinese medicine doctor, this magical collection will provide instant calm. Be warned, your guests may take these with them when they leave—they're that addicting!

$48, available at beautywaterbyjp.com

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This product works wonders on men and women, so all of your guests will enjoy. Guests get a quick skin refresher with just a few drops in the morning and evening for skin that's always photo ready.

M-61 Hydraboost Serum $78, at bluemercury.com

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Active charcoal is able to absorb more than double its weight in impurities. We love this Soo Ae 'Hangbang' Charcoal Flower Mask for its hydrating, anti-aging and detoxifying properties. Perfect for that evening when you and your sister or your bestie want to have a girls night in while the men watch footbal or play cards by the fire.

$25, available at beautypeauusa.com


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