8 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life This Fall

Summer’s almost over. Here’s how to keep things hot hot hot this fall.

Charli Penn Sep, 14, 2012

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Say farewell to summer and hello to a sexier, more romantic fall with these easy ideas.

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One instant way to spice thing up between the sheets would be to introduce some toys in the mix. What’s that?  You’re feeling a little uneasy about trying something that new? We get it. We recommend giving The Bedroom Chemist a try. With your paid membership, you’ll receive a new kit monthly that's filled with sensual and erotic goodies to try out with your lover. The pleasure will arrive right at your door.

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Toss aside that grocery or “honey do” list in favor of creating tasks with a little more fun in mind. What do you want him to do for you in the bedroom? What could you do to turn him on? Make “to-do” lists for each other and exchange them before the day begins. Throughout the day the excitement will build about who will do what and when. Just don’t forget to add a few deadlines to those tasks!

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Know a little place where the two of you can get away and enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer this fall? (Think: Lake house, secluded park, etc.) Grab a blanket, an easy meal, your favorite bottle of wine, and go there— now! As long as you’re sure no one’s watching, what you and your boo do on or in that blanket is just between the two of you.

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Now that the weather’s cooling down and the days are getting shorter, you won’t want to go out to eat as much as you did this summer. Make eating in an erotic occasion by creating a romantic dinner for two filled with your favorite aphrodisiacs. We recommend oysters, chocolate and avocados to start!

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Halloween isn’t just for kids. RSVP “yes” to the most tempting costume party invite that comes your way and start planning your sexy his and hers getups. This means skipping the usual routine in favor of something a bit more risqué. Think naughty patient and hot doctor instead of a witch and a vampire. Getting into character will be a sexy, fun good time.

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Because flight prices were sky high this summer, many of you opted not to escape to the islands like you hoped to. Well, good news: Those seasonal fees are gone and many flights are lower than ever. What’s sexier than a last minute getaway to paradise for two?

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Say farewell to those summery scents you’ve gotten used to and introduce some new fragrances into the mix. Place your favorite fall scents inside your home by swapping out your bedroom candles, linen spray and air fresheners. You’re just one spicy whiff away from a sensual evening for two.

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Drive-in theaters are hard to come by these days, but if there’s one near you, hurry up and get there because the season is ending soon. Cuddling in your backseat while you watch a good romantic comedy is sure to put you in the mood.