8 Ways Modern Girls Wear Eyeliner

The super quick, super chic way to perk up your beauty look.

Virginia Lowman Feb, 11, 2016

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Try something new and line your lower water line with a metallic or color kohl. For an edgy appeal, extend the line from your inner corner past the outer corner of your eye so that it is parallel with your brow bone.

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Bored with your usual liner look? Play around with an undone cat eye. Line your lash line with your favorite liquid liner and reverse the feline flick by drawing it inward from the crease. Feather out the ends for an artsy finish and dust with translucent powder to prevent oily lids and creasing.


You can never go wrong with a little shimmer. Top off your cat eye with your favorite metallic liner. Concentrate the color in the middle of your lid for a added element of surprise when you blink. 

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Take a cue from Chicago-based makeup artist, Brittany Beach, who created a graphic cateye in a vibrant hue. Line your lash line and extend the line at a 120-degree angle from the corner of your outer eye (as if you were creating a cat eye) and create a parallel line midway through your crease.

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Forget lining your lower water line; focus on the inner corners and accent your lower lash line with a dot in the center. To up the ante on your feline flick, incorporate negative space.

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Don't be afraid to experiment with brights. If the traditional cat eye just won't do, fill in your feline flick with the liquid liner of your choice.

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Artsy accents are leaving the runways and taking to the streets. To spice up your feline flick, add a painterly stroke parallel to your cat eye wing. If you're feeling daring, add a different hue.

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Eyeliner isn't just for your lash line. Play with artsy strokes from your inner corner and up into your crease. Add a fun flick and recreate it on your lower lid for good measure.


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