8 Things He'll Love that You Left At His Place

If his home is your home away from home, make it your own and turn him on by "accidentally" leaving behind one of these flirty items.

Charli Penn Mar, 25, 2014

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Bring over a two-piece lingerie set, but forget to take one half back home. He'll go nuts trying to visualize exactly what it will look like the next time you come over and two become one. (Wink!)

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When you’re not around, you’re still on his mind, and nothing leaves a lasting memory like a red-hot self-portrait of you looking your best and wearing a gorgeous smile. Slip it into his pants pocket or hide it in his bedside drawer – anywhere he’ll find it unexpectedly once you’ve said your goodbyes.

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It’s no secret that bright red lipstick often makes a cameo in many mens' fantasies. When he spots that tube of fierce fiery red fun on his dresser, he won’t want to see you wearing anything but it the next time you sleep over his place.

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Two sprays on his pillow while he takes a bathroom break is a surefire way to be sure the only woman he’s dreaming of if you. Unsure which fragrance to bring? Experts say that jasmine, vanilla and lavender are instant aphrodisiacs.

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If you two are having sex, show him that you’re an independent woman who knows how to “play” it safe. Coming prepared and thinking responsibly will let him know you’re just as smart as you are beautiful. What's sexier than that?

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If conventional wisdom remains, the easiest route to a man’s heart is still by way of his stomach. He’ll be filled with anticipation when he opens up his cabinets and notices all of the ingredients to his favorite meal. He’ll invite you over for dinner faster than you can say, “What’s for dinner?"

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Don’t be fooled: Romance is, and always will be, very sexy. Nothing will keep him more focused on your next date than a sweet handwritten reminder left neatly on his pillow. Lay it on thick or keep it short and sweet -- your choice. Either way, it’s sure to be his new favorite bedtime story.

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When he’s not looking and your near his laptop or phone, create a new playlist or add yours his list. You know, that one that you like to play when you’re home alone with him on the brain? Yeah, that one! Suggested title: Thinking Of You.