8 Things Celebs Can Get Away With That We Can't

Good luck trying to do these things if you're just a plain commoner.

Taylor Lewis Apr, 17, 2015

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After video surfaced of what appeared to be Rihanna snorting cocaine, she took to social media to clear that air. "Any fool could see that's a joint that I'm basing with cigarette!" she wrote on Twitter. Translation: Don't worry, authorities. I wasn't doing that illegal drug. I was just doing that other illegal drug.

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Chris Brown entered awkward territory after he posted a picture of Beyonce as his #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday, for all you non-Instagram-ers). Ah, yes. There's nothing like posting a picture of your colleague's wife as your #WCW.

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Azealia Banks' penchant for calling out her haters (and everyone else) on Twitter barely flies even with her celebrity status. Can you imagine if she wasn't famous? Social media would chase her out of town, burning torches and all.

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"I haven't worn my insanely revealing chain dress in a while. Maybe I'll wear that to work today," said no one. Ever.

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In Hollywood, no one thinks twice if you post a sexy post-shower selfie with nothing but your hands and a strategically placed towel covering you up. But if you're a normal person? You better pray that your boss doesn't see.

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There's a nasty rumor about your circulating around town. What do you do? 

A. Go home, order some take-out, turn on Netflix and try to forget the whole thing.
B. Pull our your phone and fire off a quick tweet to clear the air.

Hint: If you're a celebrity, the answer should be clear.

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We have a strong feeling that Diddy's famous (infamous?) white party wouldn't fly in the real world. How are you going to invite me to your party, then not let me in 'cause I'm wearing some red sandals? Smh.

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All we're saying is Mike Tyson better be glad that he's famous.