8 Signs You Need New Friends

Sometimes your "best" friends treat you the worst. Here's how to find out if it's time to meet new people.
Charli Penn Jun, 21, 2013

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If you helped them celebrate their birthdays and got them a gift and you didn’t even hear from them – Facebook wall posts don’t count — on yours, there’s a problem. “I’m not good with dates” isn’t an excuse. That’s what apps were made for.

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If keeping up with your friend’s social schedules has become too costly for your budget that’s not a good sign. Friendship is priceless and should never hurt your pockets.

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How many times should you have to reschedule dinner? If you need an appointment to spend time with your friends, one of you isn’t making time for the other anymore. Friendship should come easy.

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Real friends have more to each other than one text message or IM can hold. If the last time you heard their voices was over a week ago, there could be too much distance between you.

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Don’t be fooled, it’s not okay to date a close friend’s ex. If you catch your girlfriend flirting with yours, she doesn’t respect your feelings.

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If you don’t expect to get a compliment from your friend because “that’s just not her”, you’re “just full of it”. A true friend wouldn’t be uncomfortably giving compliments and shouldn’t need coaxing to want to show you some love.

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If you have to avoid the girls to get things done and meet your goals, their presence in your life could be toxic. It’s one thing to need some time off to “do you” and it’s another thing to feel like the women in your circle don’t share your drive or ambitions. An awesome friend will want you to succeed.

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You know the situation: You stay up late listening to her go on and on and on about the same problems all the time, but the one time you decide to call her up and pour your heart, she can’t be bothered to stop surfing Facebook while she listens.


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