8 Sexy Tricks and Treats He'll Love

Halloween isn't just for kids. Get into the holiday spirit this week with a naughty surprise he'll love. 

Charli Penn Oct, 29, 2012

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If the Halloween party invitations on your coffee table aren't as enticing as you'd hoped, you should plan to stay in. Host a private party for two filled with sexy, fall-inspired tricks (and treats!) that will drive him wild. Now, let the party planning begin! Read on to find out how to turn up the spice tonight.

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Playing pretend with your lover adds instant excitement between the sheets. Go to the nearest Halloween superstore and pick up the naughtiest costume you can find, then head home for a private party.

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All men like to feel needed. (Even by the strongest of women!) Grab two tickets to the closest in-theater fright fest and curl up together in the back row. Each time you jump at the suspense, he'll only want to hold you closer. Assuming you make it through the entire movie (wink!), all of that intimacy will only make sparks fly when you get back home.

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Need a new way to put a romantic spin on a fall tradition? Light a fire, make s'mores and swap fantasies while the fire burns between you. Don't worry about feeling silly — you'll be too busy trying to decide when and how to bring your "stories" to life.

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You both may be a little old for trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, but why not get into the holiday spirit at home? While he's not looking, plant sweet treats (his favorites, of course) attached to little love notes all around your home wherever you know he'll find them. Watch his eyes light up with each sweet nothing, and be sure the last message reads: Meet me in the bedroom in five!

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Do you have a naughty message for your lover? This time, instead of whispering it into his ear when you hop into bed, say it with paint. Grab a tube of washable glow-in-the-dark body paint (which you can find at almost any costume store) and write a few little nothings on your body. When the lights go out, he'll get your message, loud and clear.

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Stop eyeing the chocolate body oil or paint on the shelves and buy it already. What could be more of an aphrodisiac than basting your lover's sexiest body parts with your favorite dessert? Sounds like double the fun to us!

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Okay, it's time to get dirty. (Pun intended!) It's not too late in the season to take a romantic hayride for two. It's the perfect fall foreplay that will definitely lead to a night of frisky fun.

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You know what they say: The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you have skills in the kitchen, why not show them off? Treat him to a homemade pie that you can feed each other in bed. It's a sweet idea he won't be able to resist.