8 Hair Lessons We Can Learn From Willow Smith

Willow Smith, the newest ambassador for Chanel, (AKA the coolest teenager alive) gives us the best hair lessons. Take a page from her stylish book and take notes!

Deena Campbell Mar, 09, 2016

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Rule #1 when wearing your hair natural or with chemicals own it! Embrace everything about your hair and have fun with it!

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Who cares if water touches your hair at the beach? Good news: water won’t change your hair texture AND it adds moisture!

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Willow knows baby hairs can be your best asset. Flex them and make sure they are always laid.

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The bigger the fro the better. Try a wash and go and letting your hair get bigger and bigger as the day progresses.

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As the weather gets warmer opt for lighter shades. We loved when Willow sported blonde strands around town.

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In need of a serious change, but don’t want to destroy your hair texture? Throw on a wig or weave and go!

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Try wearing a scarf, headband or cute hair pins. Whatever you do, just have fun!

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Hats aren’t just for bad hair days, try wearing a chic one on even the good days.


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