8 Beauty Tips for Surviving Summer Festivals

Handy tips for every beauty girl to make the most of her look during festival season!

Virginia Lowman Jul, 05, 2015

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If your eyeshadow never seems to pop, try priming and prepping your lids with a white shadow as a base before applying your color shadow of choice. Thank us later. 

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Clear a shelf in your fridge to extend the longevity of your fragrance. In the summer opt for a lighter scent so that your fragrance won't be overwhelming. Skip the morning routine of walking through a fragrance cloud and spray on pressure points instead, concentrating on the skin behind the ears, between your breasts, inner thighs and elbows.

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It's no secret that priming your skin is a must during warmer months. But, some of your favorite beauty bloggers have been priming their skin with something you can find in the medicine aisle of your local drugstore, Milk of Magnesia. Apparently, the drugstore find works wonders on oily skin, however, it can be drying. Maintaining matte skin without cutting back on moisture by blending a drop or two of Milk of Magnesia with your favorite tinted moisturizer. 

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Mend peeling lips with by exfoliating with a baby tooth brush. Up the ante by topping your brush with a mixture of sugar and honey. Rinse with warm water and follow by moisturizing with coconut oil or your balm of choice.

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Heat your lash curler with a blowdryer to give your lashes a natural bend and an added boost before coating with mascara. Or, drop the mascara all together and go au natural.

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It's way too hot for makeup that isn't melt-proof! Ditch your usual base for a tinted moisturizer. If you don't have a brand preference, mix a drop or two of your favorite foundation with a light weight moisturizer, preferably one that has a gel base. 

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Save the heavy lipsticks for winter. Summer is all about sheer lipsticks with a pop of color. To make your lips really stand out, highlight your cupids bow.

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Don't let the sun cramp your style. If you're going to an outdoor concert or festival, make sure you protect your skin. Before you get in the groove, opt for an SPF of no less than 30. If you burn easily, use a higher SPF on the more senstive areas of your face like your nose and lips. 


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