7 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Nails

Improve the lifespan of your next mani by stepping up your nail care with these helpful tips!

Virginia Lowman Jul, 10, 2015

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Dirt and grime under your nails is not the only reason why you should keep your hands out of your mouth. Excessive nail biting can also change the surface of your nails causing them to become permanently uneven with bumps and ridges.

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Your filing technique may be doing more harm than good; particularly if you aren't filing in the same direction. Improper filing can lead to weak, thin and peeling nails. Get in the habit of filing your nails in the same direction using long calculated strokes to avoid further damage. 

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We all love a low-maintanence mani, but if it comes at the cost of your nail's health then you may have to reconsider. The acetone used for gel removal depleats nails of essential oils that help your nails maintain their health. Give your nails a rest and opt for a gel mani every other month instead.

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We're all guilty of shaking up a bottle of nail polish before applying it, but if you've noticed that your manicure does not have a smooth finish it's because there are pockets of air that form when you shake up your color. Instead of shaking your polish, try rolling the bottle between your palms. This will decrease the presence of bubbles and allow for smooth application.

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It may be conveninent to reprupose your nails as tools, but using your nails to scratch and tear things can damange the suface of the nail and lead to weak nails that break easily. So, next time you're tempted to use your nails to claw or tear something, reach for the proper tools! 

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Yes, applying a base coat is actually an essential step in the manicure process. Not only will a base coat help to even the surface, but it will also prevent your lacquer from staining your nail bed. So, even if you're in a rush, make time for a base coat.

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Avoid cutting your cuticles during nail care. Not only will you run the risk of them growing back thicker, but it also puts your nails at risk of infection, as the cuticles serve as a protective barrier.


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