7 Ways To Flirt Like A Boss

Did you know that flirting is a skill? Improve your moves with these surefire tricks.

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Did you know that flirting is a skill? Many would assume that it’s something that should just come naturally, but that’s not always true. The good news: It’s an art that can be learned. For years, the trend was that women didn’t want to be too forward, but today it’s okay to let him know you’re interested and give him permission to come over to say hello. Are you ready to sharpen your skills, ladies? Here are seven quick flirting tips to get you started.

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Whether at work or running errands, take more time to observe your surroundings rather than the task at hand. Keep your shoulders back, head up and make eye contact with a warm smile to others around you. Who knows, he might be watching from afar and he will find his way over to say hello.

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Think of your best physical attribute and accentuate it with fashion. No matter your weight or your profession, there is a way to wear clothes that are fun, professional, and flirty.

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If you see someone you’re attracted to, you can let him know that you’re interested in him by connecting with your eyes and a warm smile. He’ll know your friendly and if he’s single, that may be all he needs to come over and start a conversation.

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You’re a beautiful woman and unique in your own awesome way. Tilt your head, smile, and keep the conversation light and flowing. Pique his interest with all of your great qualities that differentiate you from his male friends.

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Show him that you’re just as interested in learning more about him as he is about you. When using open-ended questions, always begin them with words like “how”, “what” and “why” to really give him an opportunity to share more details about things that are important to him.

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It’s so easy to have a monotone voice but when your tone fluctuates, it exudes more confidence and fun, and it will keep him interested, promise.

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Life moves so quickly these days. So often men tell us that they might see a woman they’re interested in walking by, but she’s moving so fast he can’t catch up. If a great guy is in the vicinity, walk a little slower, make eye contact, and even offer him a friendly nod or a compliment. Then go back to #5 to keep the conversation going. Have fun and let us know how it goes. Also, we teach an entire virtual workshop which includes a more detailed version on “The Art of Flirting.”

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