7 Steps To Finding The Love You Want (Now!)

Tired of dating Mr. Wrong? Follow this path straight to Mr. Right!

The Matchmaking Duo Aug, 18, 2015

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Do you believe there’s a great man out there for you? Start today with a great attitude, knowing that you are beautiful and worthy to be loved. That light will illuminate from you and others around you will catch on.

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Remember you’re on the market 24/7. When you leave the house, walk by a mirror and ask yourself, would he ask me out today?  Add some gloss and some color to your wardrobe.

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If you’re in a crowded room or grocery store, take a moment to look around.  Most likely you’ll see plenty of single men around you waiting to say hello.  Allow them to catch your attention by looking up, smiling, and saying a warm “hello.”

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Men love sex appeal. We are women so enjoy your femininity. Embrace looking good, smelling good, and being a sexy lady at all times whether you’re in jeans or a fun dress, always feel your best.

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Be prepared to have three conversation topics readily available in your mind that you want a man to know about you. You never know when you might meet Mr. Right and at some point he will say, ”So tell me about yourself.”

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When flirting, remember Confidence is Key!  Just go for it so you don’t miss the opportunity.

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Remember ladies, your goal when flirting with someone is The Close. The flirty conversation is great but don’t lose focus.  Your goal is to exchange contact information so you can continue the conversation in more detail later.

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