7 Signs You're A Total Bridezilla, And It’s Time To Stop!

With more and more brides saying no to wedding planning drama, it’s easier than ever before to spot a true bridezilla. These are the signs!

Charli Penn Oct, 15, 2015

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Dresses and showers and boot camps, oh my! For some women, being asked to be a bridesmaid is worse than being called for jury duty. And when the bride is an undercover bridezilla, it’s even worse. Their passion to have their day their way often leads to belittling their bridal parties and having full-on meltdowns over nothing. But perhaps, the absolute worst thing about dealing with a bridezilla is when she doesn’t know she is one—she claims to be anything but a bridezilla while simultaneously emailing her bridal party and vendors every hour on the hour with increasing demands. Not sure if you’re an undercover bridezilla? These are the signs.

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They’re your bridal party, not your employees. Demanding something new of them daily is the quickest way to drive them insane and prove you might be too.

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No kids. No phones. No late RSVPs. No red. Getting into your wedding shouldn’t be harder than entering a nightclub. If you want as many people to come and celebrate with you as possible, you should keep the requirements simple. The more you ask of your guests, the less they’ll want to come, or worse, the less fun they’ll have when they get there. Think about it.

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It’s great to want to get fit for your wedding. But please remember that getting in shape should never be a requirement for others involved in the big day. You should be less concerned with how your bridesmaids will look and more focused on who they are and why you chose them. If not, you could wind up standing at the altar alone.

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Sure it’s “your day,” but you’re sharing it with others, like your groom for starters. You should be willing to listen to his desires and needs as well as take into consideration thoughts too. Ultimately you can make the call together, but remember that you’re not standing up there alone. (Note: If someone else is offering financial help, it’s probably a good idea to hear him or her out too.)

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If you haven’t put a reasonable price on how much it will cost your bridesmaids to be involved in your wedding from start to finish or checked in to find out what they can afford, you’re already expecting too much. It’s your wedding, not theirs. Be mindful!

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If you’re communicating with those helping you with your wedding using words and phrases like “demand,” “insist” or “or else” and “consequences” you’re about to lose a few friends.

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There is no such thing as the “perfect” wedding. Trying to have one will drive you and those around you mad. Getting married is about the magic of the union, not the details, the flowers or the entertainment.  It’s time to get your priorities straight!


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