7 Reasons Why We're Ready for Rihanna's 'BBHMM" Video

During last night's BET Awards, Rih-Rih stepped up to the mic to present the one-minute teaser trailer of her upcoming video, "BBHMM," set to be released on Thursday, June 2nd. The video gave us a short synopsis of what to expect, and we're here to tell you why we can't wait. 

Imani Brammer Jun, 29, 2015

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She makes being bad look so good!

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Because the interior decorator inside of us is really excited about that glorious layout.

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Admit it, you have no idea what's coming...

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But  boy  is  this good! 

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Don't mess with Rih Rih. She's schooled us many times before, but we're convinced that this video may just be the "schoolin'" of all "schoolin.'"