7 Reasons We're Happy Arsenio Hall Is Back on Late-Night

Arsenio Hall returns to late-night on September 9, 19 years after his eponymous groundbreaking talk show. Now 57, Hall says he plans to reconvene all the things we loved about The Arsenio Hall Show, from "the Posse" (his backing band) to the fancy suits and his affable personality. But before we get into the new Arsenio we couldn't help but reminisce about the reasons we loved him the first go around. Here are 7 why Arsenio once ruled late-night talk.

Yolanda Sangweni Sep, 04, 2013
Arsenio Had Access to Like, Everyone

Remember when he hung out with the Janet Jackson during rehearsals and she revealed that Michael was shier than she was? Yup, that was a moment.

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That Time Michael Jackson Just Popped Up Out of Nowhere

In 1989 the King of Pop surprised Eddie Murphy with an award on Hall's show.

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Bill Clinton Played the Sax!

Maybe Arsenio can convince President Barack Obama to sing on his new show? This 1992 appearance by then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton was epic on many levels.

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There Were Serious Matters Too

Like the time Magic Johnson came on Arsenio's show to talk about contracting HIV. It was Johnson's first public discussion a day after his big announcement. 

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He Hosted the Hip Hop All-Stars

MC Lyte, A Tribe Called Quest, Yo-Yo and Gangstarr? Would this ever happen on network television in this day and age? Let choir say "Heck No!"

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He Had One of the Livest Studio Audiences Around

Who else could get an audience of adults to pump their fists in the air while screaming, "Woot, woot, woot?" You could always count on Hall's raucous audience to keep you entertained.

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Because He Bowed Out Like a Champ

What a graceful exit, Arsenio.

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