Now You See Him, Now You Don't: 7 Reasons He’s ‘Ghosting’ You

Things were going great between you and then he just vanished into thin air. Sound familiar? Well, this is why it’s his problem and not yours.

Charli Penn Sep, 08, 2015

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Only a true coward would vanish from someone’s life overnight without a goodbye. A real man will offer some sort of explanation, even if you won’t like what he has to say.

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When a man isn’t ready to be in a relationship, not even being in a good one with a great woman can stop him from trying to slow down, or in this case, halt, the pace. Tsk, tsk fellas! Yup, you guessed it: It’s totally his loss!

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When an insecure man wakes up and realizes he’s in a committed relationship with a secure woman, sometimes he cuts and runs. Just because he couldn’t meet your requirements for love, does not mean you aren’t deserving of it.

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When a two-timing husband realizes he’s in too deep with another woman, he’ll most likely take the easy way out.

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Just like a married man who’s trying to lead a double life, a player is just as likely to make a sudden exit when things get too serious with a woman he isn’t taking seriously. Sure it hurts, but he did you a favor, girl!

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A man who’s too vulnerable to what other men think is a prime candidate for "ghosting" if the fellas don’t approve of his latest love connection. This guys is also a coward, who’s insecure and possibly a player, but this still warrants its own explanation.

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Keeping up a lie over an extended period of time is a tough thing to do. If he didn’t keep it real with you about thing like his type of employment, his salary or his living situation, he may have bailed because he could no longer maintain the lie. Shame on him!

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Ladies, stop racking your brain trying to determine what "you did" to make him disappear because chances are it had nothing to do with your flaws and everything to do with his. Promise. Have you been ghosted on before? Tell us what happened below!